Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Climbing Game

Leo's hit the climbing stage.  He especially loves climbing up onto our kitchen table from our chairs.  We decided to push our chairs in after we're done eating and figured this would keep him from trying to climb onto the table.  We figured wrong!








they did :(

Friday, July 25, 2014

Baby #2 Is On The Way!

In case you haven't heard, WE'RE EXPECTING!!  Lord willing, we will be bringing home another bundle of joy in February 2015.  We really enjoy coming up with creative ways to tell our family and friends.  Here's what we did.

 We took this picture of Leo and put it in a box and wrapped it up.  Then we had Ryan's parents tell his sister's that they had something for them.  One Sunday after church we all went over there and they opened up their presents to find this picture!  (We wrapped a dummy present up for us too so they wouldn't suspect something unusual.)
Photo credit: Ryan
My family got together for supper that same Sunday night for a late Father's/Mother's Day.  I was in charge of bringing brownies and ice cream.  We put this jelly roll pan in a boot box and wrapped it up and gave it to Dad & Mom to open.  Dad saw it first and his reaction made everyone want to see what was inside the box!  

The rest of the world found out with this post on Facebook.  We had some pretty surprised friends :)  They had no clue it was coming!
Photo credit: Ryan
We might have to be done having kids after this one because I have no clue how we'd top these ideas if we have baby #3!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Biking In Indy Part 2

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and Tired and slightly sore but ready for round two!

Ready to roll!

"Hole-in-the-wall" would describe this little 24 hour restaurant perfectly.  There was one cook & one waiter/cashier/dishwasher.  It seemed like one of those places where "everybody knows everybody" and "everybody calls you friend!"  It was fun to listen to the banter between the regulars & cook.  This place had atmosphere & great food!

For perspective...behind Mom & Dad is the front of the restaurant.

Behind us is the back.  There was a small room to our left & a couple tables outside for more dinning (if you could call it that!)

There was art EVERYWHERE.  Pre-tty cool!

Cool old buildings & factories

Saturday morning was spent biking around downtown Indy.  Sometimes you felt like you were down town,

and other times you didn't.

I have never seen a candy shop quite like this one!

I didn't get the memo that this was suppose to be a smiling picture!

Check out the GIGANTIC Whirly Pop!

It was literally the size of my hand.

I decided to flip it over to check out the price & nutrition fact.  Unbelievable, I could almost fill up half a tank of gas in my SUV with $21.99!  Only 60 calories & 12 g. of sugar in 1 serving though, not bad...oh wait, 1 serving is 1/47 of the lolly pop!  For those of you wondering, if you would eat the whole lolly pop at one time you would consume 2,820 calories, 752 g. carbs & 564 g. of sugar and have the worst stomach ache you've ever experienced.  RIDICULOUS, this thing should be illegal to sell!

They had something for everyone in this store!  Jubes, mango flavored - "fibrous, cholesterol-free delicious dessert...especially suitable for the health conscious."  It's your lucky day you health conscious, candy store stopping patrons!

I've never seen so many different kinds of pop!  The whole store was lined with bottles!  So cool!

Giant Smarties for the kid in all of us.

Candy Buttons were my favorite as a kid.  I think if someone would have handed me Candy MEGA Buttons, I would have thought I'd died and gone to heaven!

Around noon we left Indy and headed to Caramel.

Beautiful is the word I'd use to describe the Caramel area.  We didn't get any pictures of the million dollar houses we saw but we did snap a picture of this apartment complex.

We stopped at Bub's - Home Of The Big Ugly Burger - for lunch.

If you eat their 1 lb. Big Ugly Burger you get your picture taken with your empty plate/tray and it goes up on the wall.  Some people ate 2 or 3 & one guy actually got 4 of them down!  We decided the quarter pounders where big enough for us!

The bun on this burger was so good!

This place has been around for a while.

Caramel had different statues around town.

Of course we had to stop and take some pictures!

Our last stop was for yogurt at Huddles

We ate A LOT of food, but we burned A LOT of calories too.  On a previous trip my uncle Rick said something like, this weekend isn't about losing weight to which my parents responded we work you hard and feed you well!  Amen to that!

Loading up to go home.

It's hard to believe we rode 50 miles in two days.  There were however, parts of our bodies that felt every 50 of those miles!  Poor dad had some boring traveling companions on the way home.  I think all 3 of us fell asleep for part of the trip!

Dad & Mom thanks again for a great weekend!  We might just have to buy your trip at an auction so we can do it again!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Biking In Indy Day 1

My parents enjoy biking, and Indianapolis is a great  place to bike.  They have several different trails that take you all over the city.  Dad & Mom enjoy it so much that they started taking different people to Indy with them to bike.  We got the chance to go on Friday & Saturday of last week.  They knew where to go and what shops and restaurants were fun to stop at, so we just relaxed and enjoyed the ride :) 

In true Ryan & Jamy fashion, we took lots of pictures so here's a recap of the first day.

We arrived at the Monon Trail around noon on Friday.

We biked about 5 miles to Broadripple where we stopped to eat lunch at the Petite Chou.

Such a cool restaurant!!!

The food was AMAZING, and very GAPS friendly (for anyone interested)! Those omelets were made out of free range eggs, Mom's salad had fresh ingredients & the pile of fruit that came with my chicken salad...we've never seen a restaurant quite like it.  Too bad it's not located in Ft Wayne!!

This was the water they served!

Later in the afternoon we happened upon this old watch tower type thing.

Dad said that on a previous trip he had climbed to the top of it.

It didn't take much persuading for me!

Didn't expect to see this on the other side of it!

We talked Ryan into joining us.

See where Ryan's hand is?  Dad climbed up on one of those to take our picture.  His idea, not ours!  

The Best Chocolate In Town...we decided we must see if this was true!

Dad LOVES Priceline.  He got a really great deal on a 4 Star hotel in downtown Indy.  We were a little out of our element!  No thank you, we will park our own vehicle.  No thank you, we can carry our luggage to our room.  No thank you, we don't need our shoes shined for $7.  No thank you, we don't want to spend $14.95/day on wifi for our suite.  I think you get the picture!

We will however, try the free fruit flavored water in the lobby.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as it looked.

Fancy corridors

We had a pretty good view of the Lucas Oil Stadium from our room.

Downtown for some PF Chang's for supper!

We found this neat area on our walk back to the hotel.

Day 1 was a success 20.22 miles!