Friday, April 18, 2014


Let's never forget the importance of this weekend!  This song brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it.  Thank You, Jesus!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Failure #3527 (Or Something Like That)

With Leo's birthday fast approaching, I decided it was time to start planning the party.  Of course the first priority was to decide on the cake which is the basis for the whole evening, because from the cake comes the theme & from the theme comes the decorations!

Weeell, Ryan & I found an extremely fun cake idea online.  The cake we decided on, however, required fondant icing & that was something I'd never made before.  As we watched the How-To video, I thought that this icing should NOT be called should be called FUNdant because it looked sooo fun and easy & it made the cake look sooo good!

We decided a practice run was in order, so Sunday after church I baked a cake.  This next sentence is NOT an exaggeration in any way, shape or form.  EVERYTHING SPIRALED STEEPLY DOWN HILL FROM THE TIME I TOOK THE CAKE OUT OF THE OVEN!

Problem #1:  The cake did NOT come out of the pan in a nice 9x13 rectangle!  (I guess I didn't need 1/3 of the cake anyways!)

Problem #2:  I wanted to do a double layered rectangle cake with a fun filling.  Apparently, cutting a cake into 2 exact rectangles is harder than it looks.  First, I didn't take enough off the top.  Then my measuring must not have been spot on because once those cakes were layered, the bottom was bigger than the top.  Then I tried to cut the double layered cake to make things even...OH SUCH A BAD IDEA!  I gave up in frustration after several attempts of making everything straight!  (I think at this point I had probably lost half of the cake that came out of the oven!)

Problem #3:  Fondant should NOT be named FUNdant!!!  Must have been the recipe we used because it didn't roll out well.  We kept adding powdered sugar & water trying to make it the right consistency.  It didn't work.  Our fondant was not going to be smooth.  We admitted defeat and moved on to the next step.

Problem #4:  We decided to cut pieces of fondant into rectangles & lay them on the cake instead of draping the fondant over the cake.  The cake we were basing our idea off of did this & it looked so cool!  Unfortunately, putting the fondant on in pieces just accentuated the fact that our cake wasn't perfectly rectangle.  Then we couldn't get the sides to come together, even though we pinched it together like we were suppose to!  Once the fondant was on, it didn't lay flat against the sides of the cake, which made our rectangle look even more pathetic!

I think the worst part about the whole ordeal was that I spent 4 hours on this crazy cake & all I got out of it was an EPIC FAIL!  I realized that day that I did NOT miss my calling to be a fabulous cake decorator :)

Now, for all of your enjoyment, I present our perfectly un-rectangular, un-smooth cake!

This isn't the end, however!  We will try again & we WILL conquer! (I hope!)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Winter Jam 2014

Spontaneous!  Yep that's us.  We decided to go to Winter Jam a couple hours before the concert started.  Things just worked out!  We found a last minute babysitter for Leo & when we got there met this really nice youth pastor who had a couple of extra pre-bought tickets for the show.  He told us that we were welcome to sit with their youth group if we wanted to pay a little extra for better seats.  Why not, we decided & skipped the large line of people waiting to get into the coliseum & went straight inside & found our seats.  

(He later told us that we may not have made it into the concert because of how far back we were in the line.  One year their youth group went & stood in line for 3 hours.  It was very cold and most of the kids didn't have coats.  When they finally made it to the doors they were told that the concert was sold out & they couldn't come into the coliseum.  At this point, they informed us, 3 of the kids had hypothermia.  He told us that there were some very upset parents & so they decided to NEVER go without tickets again!  Needless to say we were glad we took the tickets!) 

Anyways, we ended up sitting with a bunch of high-schoolers and their chaperons, who made us feel right at home for 5 hours!  Yep, I said 5 HOURS!  We are CrAzY!

I told Ryan I didn't want to go because the last time I went I came away with
such a terrible headache!  Why didn't we think of earplugs in high school
when I went with my friends.  This made the evening so much more enjoyable!

Colton Dixon - We are huge fans of American Idol so it was
fun to see this 11th season top 10 singer in real life!

The American Idol judges would have praised Colton for his energetic
performance.  Jumping on the piano & belting it out would have 
been received with great raves from the judging panel I imagine!

Newsong - Hosts of the evening

Tenth Avenue North - Our favorite group by far!!
They have a lot of really great songs!

LaCrae - Not our favorite performance, but he did have a lot of
really neat thoughts to share with the audience between his songs.

We aren't really into the whole raising your hands thing, but LaCrae had a 
different perspective on it than I've ever heard before.  

He said that kids usually raise their hands toward their parents when 
they want to be held or need something.  It warms ours hearts to
see their expression of love; so of course God, our Father, would
want to see us, His children, reaching for Him as well.  
The poor person who sits beside me next Sunday in church.  Their temperature
might rise, quite quickly, if I'm feeling moved by the Spirit...juuust kidding :)  

The nights ended with the Newsboys. 
Their performance was by far the most entertaining.
Their lighting and stage presence was by far the most fun to watch.

On one song the guitar player's platform lifted off the ground and spun around
in circles.  It reminded me of the Wipeout at street fair.  I have no idea
how he managed to stay on his seat and keep drumming while spinning
vertically.  Then Michael Tait, head singer of the Newsboys, went out on
a lift and over the crowd while singing "God's Not Dead."  Impressive!

Some artists we enjoyed more than others, and we
probably won't be making this a yearly tradition; BUT, it was
enjoyable and spontaneous and a night away for just the 2 of us!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The First Of Many

I was in our bedroom getting ready for my night out with the girls.  Ryan was working on his computer in the living room.  Leo, I thought, was playing on the floor beside Ryan.  I heard Leo start to cough.  No big deal, he "fake coughs" all the time.  A couple seconds later I realized this wasn't his "fake cough."  This was the real deal & it was starting to sound a little desperate.  I decided to investigate.

I found Leo on our bathroom floor.  His cough had transformed into a gagging/choking sound.  I quickly picked him up and started patting him on the back, at this point my vitals were still under control.  As the seconds ticked by & Leo kept looking more & more distraught I realized that I might have to dust off my outdated and unused CPR skills.

This realization put me straight into panic mode. The slaps on the back were doing no good & Leo was still struggling with whatever was lodged in his throat.  In the back of my head, I knew he was still okay because he was breathing & coughing, but that didn't seem to ebb my rising alarm.  I was frantically asking Ryan what I should do, but we both knew there was nothing to be done at this point.  Leo was trying to handle the situation and we had to WAIT. IT. OUT!  One of three things was going to happen.  He was either going to stop breathing all together, swallow that stubborn object, or throw everything up.  I prayed that we wouldn't be faced with the first scenario & I wouldn't have to administer the child version of the Heimlich, which I've never had to do on a real child before!  I felt like everything was moving in slow motion.  Everything that is except my brain.  It was chugging along at about 100 thoughts per minutes it seemed!

As the seconds ticked by I realized how little control I have in this life.  I want to have all my ducks in a row, have everything planned out & and keep my family safe at all times; but in that moment, I realized that this is not reality.  In the real world, CRAZY things happen all the time, and that is why God has called me to TRUST!  I just needed to take a breath, release that anxiety and embrace God's hand in the situation.  And you know what happened when I finally let go of our impossible situation?  The thing that typically happens, God took care of the problem!

I've never been so happy to be covered in puke in all my life!  Our first scary situation of many, I'm sure!  My lesson was this, Leo is in God's hands.  He is only loaned to us for a season.  Then God will take him back.  How and when that happens I have no control over.  I just need to trust that God sees the Big Picture and knows what's best for our little family!

Are any of you wondering how Ryan would describe this event?  If so, here it is.

Something got lodged in Leo's throat.  We were scared.  He puked it up.  Jamy had to change outfits.  The End!  (And we wonder why we can't understand each other sometimes!!)



I wonder what happens

if I use

my leg muscles

to stand up?!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Disney On Ice: Princesses & Their Heros

Thanks to Ryan's parents for making this fun night happen!  They so generously paid for our tickets so we could have girls night out.   The day consisted of shopping, supper & a show!   We had a BALL!  (Pun so painfully intended!)  Here are the highlights.

(Excuse the poor quality of pictures.  Ryan was using our good camera so I had to take our Canon PowerShot.  Crazy the difference a camera makes!)

So very excited for the day!

Loved listening to these to chat & giggle!

Supper at the mall

Mickey & Minnie 

Aladdin & Jasmine

The 7 Dwarves

Hi-ho, hi-ho it's off to work we go!

Be our Guest!

Ariel & Flounder

Ariel's Sisters

The grand finale with Tinkerbell and all the princesses & their heros.

Group picture

Love these sweet girls!

This picture is for my hubby...or anyone else who loves the
show Lost.  Can you guess who this guys resembles?

This was definitely worth experiencing if you ever get the chance!  Thanks again Mom & Dad!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Leo's Favorite Weekend...EVER!!

We had so much fun with our weekend guests!  Thanks to Ryan's sister Janelle for asking us to babysit.  I think it's safe to say that Leo is ready for more kids in our house!  Unfortunate for him, Mom & Dad aren't ready for that yet, so we will just have to keep babysitting!

The royal treatment from Miss Molly Mo!

They were very happy to see each other Saturday morning!

"Emperor's New Groove" for the older two,

and "Cedarmont Kids" for the little tykes!

A perfect fit :)

Turns out bath time is so much more fun with a friend.

Neither one wanted to get out!

Ready For Church!

Come again guys!!